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Popular Trekking Routes


Listed by a popular travel magazine as the top 7 trekking routes of world, Annapurna region is undoubtedly the most famous trekking areas in the world. Considered by many as one the celebrated trekking region Annapurna offers the fascinating insight into the life of middle hill Nepalese, ethnic groups from Hindu farmers to Tibetan Lamas, incredible views of many of the Himalayas' most famous high peaks, crystal clear lakes, turbulent rivers with deep gorge, hot springs and lot more. The major speciality of this region is its accessibility from the capital and second most touristy areas and the duration of trekking in this region. If you are on a vacation and want to explore the bases of some of the majestic mountains then you can trek for at least 20 days in the high and low passes along the hilly trails. But if you donot have much time however wan to see some of the greatest peaks, then this region provides you the shorter routes to leading to some of the most beautiful villages with great views and culture.

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