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Popular Trekking Routes


Popularly known as Khumbu, The Everest Region is the most popular trekking attraction of all the visitors for the Mount Everest “Highest Peak of the world (8848)” and for the Sherpa Villages and monasteries. Having literal meaning of “Head of the sky” in Nepali, Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest)” can be reached through different routes after being to Lukla by flight or by walk of more than 10 days. Everest base camp (5340m) is the primary goal to reach the Mt. Everest from where the Summit can easily be seen. It is protected by the Sagarmatha National Park established in 1976 with an area of 1148 square km composed of the rugged terrain and gorges of the high Himalayas. Trekkers will be overwhelmed with the views of unbelievable peaks, Buddhist monasteries, and friendly Sherpa villages. Perhaps some may even get a chance to have a glance of the Yeti!

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