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Do's and Don't

•    The form of greeting in Nepal is "NAMASTE" and is performed by joining the palms together.

•    Never touch anything with your feet. This is considered an offence among Nepalese. 

•    While traveling dress appropriately. Women should specially avoid dressing in skimpy outfits. •    Seek permission first before entering a Hindu temple. Many Hindu temples do not allow westerners or n on-Hindus to enter.

•    Take photographs only after receiving permission for the object or person being photographed. •    Public displays of affection between man and woman are frowned upon. Do not do something that is totally alien to our environment.

 •    To show appreciation and respect, use two hands rather than one when giving or receiving something, even money. 

•    Don't eat with your left hand and nor eat beef among Hindus. 

•    Remove your shoes when entering a home, temple or monastery (and leather items in Hindu temples) and avoid smoking and wearing scant dress in religious settings. 

•    Do not offer food from your plate, nor eat from a common pot, and avoid touching your lips to a shared drinking vessel.