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Before traveling to Nepal, You should have a mindset that you are raveling to the country where customs and traditions still deep run in the society. Most of the places you will be traveling will be the rural areas where there are little infrastructure, enchanting unexplored nature and most importantly the typical Nepali culture and traditions. While traveling, you may be joined in the street or the trail, but the chasers just want to have a chat with you, as you may be the subject of curiosity to them. Giving the Nepali greetings ‘namaste’ (joining both palms together as if praying) can be a good gesture which will help you befriending with the locals.     The ‘hub of festivals’, it is more likely that you will get the chance to see any of the festivals while visiting Nepal as more than 62 ethnic groups celebrate their own one  almost every weeks of the year. So stumbling onto one of these festivals can be the highlight and memorable experience of your travel. We also have designed the special packages with visit to these festivals every month and for this you simply have to click on the special package section of our web where you can find the dates. The special price will be quoted to you upon request.